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Small Minors Win Big

Small Minors Win Big

An Account of the AOVC Classic Show 2009

Robert Hoy arranged to meet up with some of the Morris Minor Owners for the Big event at the Biggest show at Ballymena.  They met up at 8.00 o’clock to get the club stand set up. They started to arrange the vehicles into position for the display.

MMOC NI Club Stand AOVC Classic Show 2009

MMOC NI Club Stand AOVC Classic Show 2009

Valerie Hoy got some of the owners involved by dressing up the cars.  This year’s theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  As you can image it is very hard to do a showpiece with Morris Minors, but it hit Robert Hoy like a slippery fish that the Dwarfs worked as Miners.  So out came the idea of Snow White and the Seven Minors!

Using different Minors to play the different characters, each were dressed with appropriate attire being cut out eyes, mouths, name plate, ears (for Dopey), hankies for Sneezy, pillows for Sleepy, stethoscope for Doc and a dress for Snow White.

Each Minor also had picks, shovels, working lanterns and Hats.  A wicked witch was also found wandering around with her basket full of apples trying to tease Snow White, but Snow White only runs on 4 star as all little children know!

Snow White at MMOC NI Club Stand AOVC Classic Show 2009

Snow White at MMOC NI Club Stand AOVC Classic Show 2009

Competition was intense throughout the day, but as the people flocked to the Biggest Stand at the show, took photos and introduced their children to the individual Dwarfs with Snow White in the middle, the Morris Minor stand emerged triumphant!!

The club stand was judged by the Mayor of Ballymena.  Robert Hoy asked the mayor,

‘Mayor, Mayor from town hall, which club stand is the best of all?’

The Mayor is said to have replied, ‘It is your Stand without a doubt.’

Robert Hoy replied, ‘Thank you Mayor over and out!’

The Mayor later presented a Tankard and a crest of Ballymena to the Morris Minor Owners Club NI for the best stand.

You can see photos from the day in our gallery or why not visit the AOVC Classic Show website for information on next year’s event.

From the desk of Robert ‘dancing bear’ Hoy

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