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Robert Hoy’s Panda

Robert Hoy’s Panda

Robert Hoy recounts how he purchased his Morris Minor police car…

“When I joined the Morris Minor Owners’ Club, I had a 1956 Minor. Then I bought a nice convertible but I always wanted a police car so when Valerie and I were on holiday in Scotland we saw in a newspaper 1970 police panda car for sale.  So as we were on the bus I rang the boy who owned it he told me he was in Devon.

When we came home I arranged the flight to go and see it.  When I saw the car I liked it so we paid the money and headed for the boat at Birkenhead.  The panda car had a full bare metal respray and a full restoration.  I couldn’t wait ’til I got it home .

Once I got home I got to work on it. I put the police top box on and bolted it to the roof, the zip was in the head cloth to let the wires through. Next thing was to get a set of two tone horns and get them blasting!

The panda car is an ex-Metropolitan police car which also had a Pye radio fitted. I also put the police signs on both doors. Also, when I bought the police car, the boy who owned it gave me a load of Metropolitan police gear with it which I display on the back seat.

Every time Val and I go out in it heads turn and even when cars pass they take photos off it. We are well pleased with our wee police car”.

Keep a look out for Robert and his Panda at this year’s events.

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  1. Seen this lovely car lots of times at shows and on the road, beautiful car and turns more heads than a Ferrari!!

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