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Minor Is No Wallflower

Minor Is No Wallflower

As you probably know I am a Morris Minor Fanatic. Unfortunately my 1954 Minor is in being restored at present and I hope to be out and about come the spring. I had reason to be in a street in Ballynahinch some time ago and spotted a large model of an old racing car perched up above a garage door facing the street.

I thought yes that is a nice idea and I could visualise a similar replica of my own favourite old timer up on my garage. So that every time I came out of my front door I could admire my pride and joy. It took a long time for me to find someone brave enough to tackle the project.

There was a wood craft fare staged in the Town Hall in Newtownards. So I called to view the products. I knew the artist and asked if he would tackle a Minor project on an 8 x 4 wooden sheet and I gave him a small Minor clock for him to work on. He is involved in a Men’s Shed Group up in Duncairn Gardens in Belfast and among them all they said they would have a go.

Wooden Minor artwork 1

Men’s Shed Group, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast

Wooden Minor artwork 2

Men’s Shed Group, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast



True enough after sometime I was called up to pass judgement on their work and was delighted with what I saw. With a few amendments of detail they completed the Minor and I took delivery and it is now placed on my gable wall at No 5 Main Street, Kircubbin and I am delighted with it and it certainly has caused a lot of interest from locals and passers by some even stopping to ask questions and take pictures.

I have now asked for another replica this time of an early model of the Morris 8 they said they would consider the request after Christmas. I have a fairly big gable wall and I am happy to use it for what could be a tourist attraction.

Kieran McCarthy


  1. what a great idea looks good I am a morris minor fan myself a 1966 traveller

  2. hi I like what u got done looks great I have a minor traveller myself might see u guys on sat at co tyrone

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