Event Report

MMOC-NI BBQ August 2015

The weather during the week hadn’t been great. This included a lot of wind and rain. However, the weather managed to hold up for our BBQ on Thursday 6th August 2015.

Last year Stephen Gordon organised a BBQ run; seeing as it was a great success the committee decided to have another. At approximately 7.00pm, a number of people met up at Templepatrick Park & Ride. We had a large number of 57 entrants coming in their classic cars which was great to see as it wasn’t essential for this run.

At 7.30pm we headed off for the short drive through Parkgate and Doagh where we then parked up at Kilbride Parish Church. Our Steak BBQ was provided by Stuart McKnight and I’m sure everyone will agree it was worth the wait. After finishing our food Becca & Kenny McIlroy went around to see raffle tickets and soon after many prizes were raffled off – including a screwdriver set and an electric sander.

Thanks go out to Lillian Lyttle for organising this great and enjoyable event.

Becca McIlroy, Morris Minor Owners Club Northern Ireland

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