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Payback Jonny’s Revenge

We have invited local author Jon Stephenson to a club night to talk about his new book, Payback Jonny’s Revenge which is outlined below…

After months of pain and physio, Jonny gets his life back working behind the bar; but the loss of his Mum and Nan trigger strong emotions and anger. He takes a wrong turn in his life and finds himself planning and killing the ones that hurt him the most.

After several double-crossings and close calls, he eventually gets back to normal life and plans to run away with Karen to Spain – but does he get to live his dream?

This is the sequel to JONNY THE BOY FROM THE ROAD and the author Jon Stephenson is planning the third and final part of JONNY’S life which will be released next year.

JONNY was a 14 year boy growing up through the 1990s in trouble stricken Northern Ireland. His Saturday job working for Nigel the lemonade man and seeing first hand the general public and meeting some interesting people and most of all, his first taste of earning money and planning for a life away from trouble stricken Shankill, but he had a lot to contend with his drunken father that beat his mum Annie who Jonny just loved and all else that goes wrong with an alcoholic’s mood swings and abuse.

Jonny The Boy From The Road – Jon Stephenson

His school life and coming into contact with Jonty, Paul and Jason for the first but not the last time his short lived football career, becoming best friends with Gerrard, a Catholic lad from Ardoyne who changed Jonny’s thoughts about the differences between the two communities and then his very bright football career after coming back from the Milk Cup experience to which came to an abrupt end after being caught up in the Shankill bomb which changed so many peoples lives and thoughts on the Shankill Road.

His nights working in a social club some quite interesting characters especially Orange Lil who had a shine for him which evidently was the connection that was to be where Jonny met his first steady girl friend and future wife but was never going to see that life with Karen as he got more and more embroiled in paramilitarism and the dark side of Ulster.

Billy the bar owner who looked out for Jonny after the death of his father and done his best to advise Jonny when ever needed especially when he wanted to learn to drive and getting his first car which was financed from a bag of money that he was minding for Joe the U.F.F commander who met his end and then Sam taking charge of the Road and the mood changed as blood thirsty Sam became after the I.R.A had started a killing spree of their own but when the U.F.F eventually got out of control and Jonny was on the end of a sickening night his life was to take a dramatic change forever.

Fact or fiction? You decide as you get embroiled in all the twists and turns of a quite interesting view on a teenager to man’s life on the Shankill Road and who was JONNY THE BOY FROM THE ROAD

About Jonathan Stephenson

I am 45 years old married to my wife Karen for 25 years we have four sons – Dylan aged 20, Brad aged 16, Ky aged 12 and Makenzie aged 7. I met Karen when I was 17 and we got married at age 20.

I have lived in Ards all my life growing up in the West Winds going to the local school and then going to the local secondary school where I left with just a few qualifications.

I only started writing my book eight months ago and I am in total shock that it has got published on Kindle and in paperback through Create Space and have had some really good feedback.

I have a plan in place for three books so hopefully anyone who gets the first one will enjoy the sequel. A lot of my inspiration has come from my life growing up and of course television where I love to watch crime thrillers.

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