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Annual General Meeting November 2019

The MMOC-NI held our Annual General Meeting on Thursday night, 7th November 2019. There was an excellent turnout with over 30+ attendees. Stephen Gordon opened the evening with his acting Chairman’s report, full of his usual good humour.

A summary of the year was followed by thanks to all the Ladies who have helped in the kitchen all year and recognition to Robert Hoy who resigned from the post of Chairman earlier this year. We recognised all the support and friendship he has given over the years. The Treasurer’s report was read in Trevor’s absence and the accounts were available to view.

Bruce Kelsey from the MMOC UK was welcomed to the meeting. Bruce very kindly went through the nominations and confirmed the following positions for committee. This was following a well supported nomination return.

Susan Shepherd was voted in unanimously as Chairman, Stephen Gordon as Vice Chairman, Trevor Mitchell as Treasurer, David McCullough as membership secretary, Andrew Elwood as Editor and Ian Drakeley, Phillip Cross and Allen Bell as committee members. As Susan is now Chairman there remains an opening for Secretary. Nominations would still be welcome.

Following the elections two topics were discussed and voted on. It was agreed that membership fees would rise to £20.00 and the age of eligible vehicles would move on a rolling basis to 31st December 1994, an increase of 5 years.

Bruce finished off the meeting with a rundown of results of the MMOC survey. He then presented Joan McGreggor with the Shield for outstanding service to the club. This was followed by the usual supper of buns, savouries, sandwiches, tea and coffee which was served afterwards. Thanks to Caroline, Beth, Olive, Drax and David for bringing tonight’s food and Jennifer, Drax and Olive for helping in the kitchen.   

The Christmas dinner is on Saturday 30th November at McBrides. Hopefully we will see everyone for our Christmas night on the first Thursday in December. 

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