Minor Memories

PZ – The Car that makes everyone go ‘WOW’

PZ – a 1954 Series 2, four door. Unfortunately this car only lived for twelve years. But a few certain members in our club couldn’t let another Morris rot away. In 2011… It was rescued!

“It only needs a paint job and some shiny bits” says David McCullough. National 2014 always was the aim, unfortunately it didn’t make it there this year due to a fault with the wiring loom. Maybe next year! It has taken a long two years to get this car back to its former glory! 

First of all, the smaller issues were fixed, then there was welding, then there was a shiny gold seal engine and gearbox cleaned and repainted. Last but not least was the absolutely fantastic paint job and chrome! It all started to come together and everyone was amazed.

There may have been days where it was cold, wet, windy and even snowy! But nothing was stopping David McCullough and Stephen Gordon! They were determined!

As Tommy always said  

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.


PZ has only been back on the road for a short period of time but I have to speak from personal experience, it really isn’t as slow as they say it is… On the flat!!

PZ is the sort of car that makes everyone smile. Elderly couples may stop and stare as they remember a similar car from their childhood. It’s great to think that another Minor has been saved. Even the young children shout, “look at the car daddy!”

I think we all should agree that a massive Congratulations is in order for Stephen Gordon or as some of you may know him as the ‘Minor Maniac’ and for all the other members and non-members who helped him bring PZ back to life. She looks absolutely fabulous and after my own she is my favourite car!

I wish you all the best Stephen.

Becca McIlroy, Morris Minor Owners Club Northern Ireland

Minor Memories Road Sign

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