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Kenny McIlroy – A Love for Morris Minors

I bought my first Morris when my daughter Becca was just a baby. It was pale blue with a red interior. I brought it back from the South of Ireland but unfortunately the bonnet lifted, that was not a nice experience and have been cautious every since! One of the Club days out was a few days later but I had nothing to drive so a club member Martin Waterworth lent me his Convertible which at the time was nicknamed Bud! This put me in the notion to get my own convertible and so I did!

6536 EZ, named Mabel after my grandmother, was previously a 2-door Saloon. The previous owner had rubbed the car down to bare metal and covered it in oil, carried out some strenghtening and had removed the roof so it was ready to be transformed! The engine and gearbox were both put in by Kenny Ray, wiring loom by Robert Gault, hood by Trevor Stitt, a car restorer of Islandmagee. All new chrome, tail lights, etc. A LOT of work was carried out by various club members of which I am very thankful for! It passed it first MOT and has done ever since restoration was completed.

Before my first Morris Minor I had an 1100 but it was scrap but I always wanted another! After many years I have just recently bought one in Connaught Green. I enjoy classic cars and think they were built to be driven and not to sit about rotting away. I attend many runs and static shows over the year, one of which is the National Rally held in England. I have been attending ever since 2010 and love it and the atmosphere. The thing I enjoy most about the car clubs is the craic and the great friendships we all have with each other.

I have always wanted a Traveller, if I want a change I might buy one in a few years time. I have also always wanted to attend the MOT UK and MOT France, both of which I think would be great fun! To anyone thinking about buying a Morris Minor or any classic car in fact, go for it! It’s the best decision you’ll ever make and you will gain so many new friendships all over the world.

Kenny McIlroy, Morris Minor Owners Club Northern Ireland

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