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Peshwari Nans Book Launch

Hello, my name is Stephen Haughan, I am a 50 year old author living in Margate on the south coast of England. Thus far I have three novels to my name and have recently completed a fourth.

The first three are a trilogy set in the county of Essex where white stiletto’s and spray tans are a necessity for the vast majority of the female residents. This brash, no holds barred tale entitled ‘Pretty Dangerous, Absolutely Lawless and Someday we’ll be together’ tells the story of three close young girlfriends and their desire to shop and build a better life for themselves by hook or by crook.

My fourth novel, Peshwari Nans, is due for release on June 4th 2016 which I hope will be of interest to your readers and members is a project at the complete opposite end of the social scale. A road trip featuring two eighty something sisters Esther and Minnie and their adorable Trafalgar blue Morris Traveller affectionately known as Vivien, named after Vivien Leigh of ‘Gone with the Wind’ fame.

Compelled to fulfil the dying wish of a dear friend the sisters undertake this epic adventure driving some 7000 miles or so from Whitechapel in the East End of London to Raipur deep in the Indian sub-continent.

This ‘Thelma and Louise meets Marigold Hotel’ saga finds the plucky pensioners pitting their wits against the elements, disgruntled heads of state, ruthless criminals and at times the unforgiving terrain. A quintessentially British tale of sisterly love, bulldog spirit and an overwhelming will to do what’s right.

Follow Peshwari Nans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and please if possible feel free to come along to the launch (on June 4th) at club Kabuki on Margate seafront from 2.00pm onwards, there will be a Trafalgar blue Woody in attendance with the classic plates I have had made reading Vivien front and rear.

The launch would be the ideal opportunity to grab yourself a limited edition signed copy of the hotly awaited novel as they will be numbered on the day then never again. There is also a chance to win by raffle the very first copy off the press numbered 001.

The sequel to this book is already nearing completion and promises even more from these delightful ladies. It is my dream one day to own my very own Vivien and possibly drive the exact route they took from London to Raipur.

The novel will also be available on Amazon in paperback and electronic format for Kindle and other associated e-readers from June 4th 2016.

Many thanks

Stephen Haughan

Ps. I will also be touring various classic car shows with the book in the near future so please look out for me and my Peshwari Nans.

Stephen Haughan, author of Peshwari Nans published on 4th June 2016.

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